Handcrafted South Asian Spice Kit w/ Personalized Card

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Personalized Message for Card: To send us your message for the personalized greeting card that comes with your kit (150 word limit), click on your shopping cart icon on the top right hand of the screen, scroll down, and insert your message in the "Special instructions for seller" box. If no message is added, we will write "Enjoy your spice kit from Cardamom & Co! [SENDER NAME]"

*NOTE: This kit currently comes in a white tin box (not silver, which is what is pictured*

🥘 As a husband and wife duo, we LOVED hosting dinner parties and having friends over in pre-pandemic times, which we now look upon with deep nostalgia. We are well known in our circle of friends for our delicious homemade cooking adventures. 

🍆 Two of our most famous dishes amongst our circle friends were Masoor Tarka Daal (Spiced Red Lentil Curry/Soup) and Baingan Bharta (Roasted Eggplant Curry). True story: when the two of us got married a few years back, our wedding hall purchased our Baingan Bharta recipe from us so they could use it for all of their future events…that’s how good it is ;) 

🗒️ On many occasions, friends and family have asked us to write up our recipes for them, and we have happily done so. Now, we want to share our family recipes with YOU! We also want to give you all the spices you need to make these mouth watering dishes at home yourself.

💝Like you, we miss hanging out with friends and family, but it doesn’t mean we can’t show love to friends and family in other ways. This care package is the perfect gift for all of those loved ones you used to share meals with – it comes with our two family recipes, along with the spices you need to make them. You’ll get enough spices to make these two recipes, as well as other South Asian (Indian/Pakistani/Bengali/Sri Lankan & more) dishes. 

The kit comes in a reusable aluminum glass-top box, with 8 reusable glass-top tins filled with freshly ground spices. Our spices are freshly ground at our supplier's manufacturing facility in Toronto, Ontario. 

The package includes:

- 1 tin of turmeric (20-30g)
- 1 tin of cumin (20-30g)
- 1 tin of garam masala (20-30g)
- 1 tin of red chilli powder (20-30g)
- 1 tin of cloves (20g)
- 1 tin of coriander seeds (20-30g)
- 1 tin of mustard seeds (20-30g)
- 1 tin of fenugreek (20g)
- Authentic Masoor Tarka Daal (Spiced Red Lentil Curry/Soup) Recipe Card
- Authentic Baingan Bharta (Roasted Eggplant Curry) Recipe Card
- Spice legend indicating names of spices
- Gift card with a personalized handwritten message for your recipient
- (Optional) Jute Gift Bag for that extra touch 

Kit box size: 7 inches x 5 inches x 1.5 inches

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