Chai Chai Chai Care Package

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This one's for all the chai lovers...this toasty trio of chais sends a clear message of warmth and comfort to your recipient. 

The Cardamom & Co. Chai Chai Chai Care Package  comes with: 

  • Toasty Vanilla Chai Blend (12-15 cups): Chai is foundationally warm and toasty, but this blend takes those cozy vibes to the next level. A dash of vanilla adds a hint of extra warmth and creaminess to the chai, and soothes from head to toe.
  • Blossoming Rose Chai Blend (12-15 cups): A floral take on chai! Light floral notes mingle with spices highlighting a beautiful balance of tea and spice. Milk and a dash of sweetener create a delicious mug of soothing floral chai.
  • Good Ol’ Plain Chai (12-15 cups): Our chai is a premium blend that has a rich, warm, toasty flavour. Just brew, add milk and sweetener (our favourite is maple syrup), and you’re good to go!
  • STAY HOME Tea Infuser and Tray
  • Positivi-TEA card with your custom message
  • (Optional - For $8, add a white reusable tin gift box for an added touch!)

Comes in cardboard box stuffed with shredded gift paper.

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