Make iced Chai Lattes with Your Leftover Chai!

Make iced Chai Lattes with Your Leftover Chai!

Made too much stovetop chai? Here's how to make iced chai lattes at home with your leftovers. 

We do this ALL the time. Sometimes the stovetop chai is too much caffeine and we can't finish a whole mug, or other times we make a pot of chai but only one person drinks it, and we have leftovers. Making iced chai lattes is also great for busy work mornings, where we just pull leftover chai out of the fridge, add some ice, sugar, and voila...caffeine source ready to go in less than a minute ;) 

The leftover chai in this recipe was made using our Handcrafted Chai Kit, has all of the ingredients to make the best homemade masala chai ever! 

1. Let hot chai cool, then store in fridge for up to three days. 
2. When you're ready, take out the leftover chai from the fridge, and add water to dilute it a bit. This helps remove the bitterness from the stovetop chai you made (which depending on the amount of tea you added, would be bitter when it's cold)
3. Add ice 
4. Add a teaspoon of sugar per cup of cold chai 
5. Enjoy your homemade iced chai latte!

To watch a video of how to make iced chai lattes with leftover chai, click here

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