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Instant Pot Chai Recipe By Cardamom & Co.

Alright folks, here is the GREATEST CHAI HACK OF ALL TIME. We’ve made a recipe for Instant Pot Chai (Tea). By Cardamom & Co.!

This recipe is easier and faster than a stovetop, delivers a consistent taste, and won't boil over and make a mess.

Our bestselling Handcrafted Chai Kit has all of the ingredients to make this recipe. 

2 cups water
2 cups whole milk
2½ – 3 tsp black tea
4 cardamom pods (break open slightly to expose seeds)
3 cloves
4 pieces of cinnamon
½ star anise pod (or equivalent)
Sugar (as desired)

To make masala chai (tea) in your Instant Pot: Add the water, milk, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, star anise, and tea leaves to the pot. Set on high pressure for 1 minute. Release steam and give chai a stir. Strain the chai into cups, add sugar as desired, and enjoy! This recipe makes two large mugs (adjust quantities lower in the same ratio if using smaller mugs).

Vegan? For a vegan version, replace both the water and milk with oat milk (i.e. use 4 cups of oat milk)

Try the recipe and let us know how it goes!

To watch a video of how to make chai in the Instant Pot, click here

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