Cardamom & Co.'s Homemade Bubble Tea Recipe

Cardamom & Co.'s Homemade Bubble Tea Recipe

Ok, this one is a GAMECHANGER! Use our teas to make your own bubble tea right at home and save $9 ;)

For this recipe we used Cardamom & Co.'s I A-PEACH-iate You Herbal Tea. You can also make milk tea with a similar recipe using prepared chai :)

🔹 4-5 tsp of Cardamom & Co. I A-PEACH-iate You Herbal Tea
🔹 1/8 cup lychee syrup
🔹 1/8 cup corn syrup, honey, or sweetener of your choice
🔹 1 packet "Ready in 5 Minutes" Brown Sugar Tapioca
🔹 (optional) Bubble tea jelly
🔹 Ice

1. Boil 2 litres of water
2. In a jug put 4-5 teaspoons of I A-PEACH-iate you Herbal Tea, then add boiled water
3. Place jug in freezer for 3-4 hours or in the fridge overnight to cool
4. Once the tea is cold, boil your tapioca according to the instructions (We recommend "Ready in 5 minutes" Black Sugar Flavour Tapioca, which you can get at many Asian supermarkets). Strain tapioca and set aside.
5. Fill your mason jars two thirds of the way with your tea, leaving room for ice later
6. Add 1/8th of a cup of lychee flavoured syrup, and 1/8th of a cup of your desired choice of sweetener (we use honey or corn syrup)
7. Screw shut your mason jar and shake it well to incorporate the syrups into the liquid.
8. Add desired amount of ice, tapioca and jelly (optional), and shake again
9. Enjoy the fact that you saved $9 by making bubble tea at home!!!

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